We are here in the essence of Light...







...To dance through life together.


"Elfinwood", a sparkling ten acre sanctuary in the luscious Willamette Valley of Oregon, is NOW up for adoption !  ...
In other words ~ this precious place is For Sale.

We are inviting any of  you sentient beings out there to entertain the idea of keeping the vision alive here at Elfinwood.... or at least some kind of positive vision! ... which actually has already been realized in many ways.

One can simply walk the grounds or stand under one of the 400 year old Oaks and watch a serene and beautiful sunset to realize that the “Bliss” is already here. That deep, wondrous , soul moving  Splendor is not only ever-present, but there is a sense that it has been here for a millennia.

Based on the idea that our every thought, feeling, perception, spoken word and performed action permeates and reverberates our world and our Universe,  we have envisioned ourselves living on this land with great awareness of all that we have desired to do here. Our original intention was to create a kind of Garden of Eden where all of the elemental energies are in harmony.... now it is your turn to carry on the adventure in your own unique way."

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